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History Republican State Unitary Enterprise “Tajikagroleasing”

RSUE “Tajikagroleasing” was established by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan on November 30, 2007 under №597, and the founder of the company is considered the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The company operates on the basis of the Constitution of RT, the Civil Code of RT, and the charter of the enterprise.

8 million Somoni (2.3 million USD) was allocated from state budget for the chartered capital of the enterprise when it was formed in 2008.

For the purpose of supporting the enterprise, developing of leasing operations and providing the farmers with the necessary technical resources, 3.5 million Somoni (700 thousand USD) was annually allocated to the enterprise from the state budget of the republic (2009, 2010, 2012, 2013) and 6.5 million Somoni was allocated in 2011. Thus, total of 28.5 million Somoni has been allocated so far from the state budget.

Funding for the management and administration of the enterprise and other non-manufacturing expenses are incurred and made at the expense of self-supporting activity of RSUE “Tajikagroleasing”.

Directions of activities of the enterprise include:

– Purchase of agricultural machinery (tractors, vehicles, etc., agricultural machinery), and provision of the machinery to farming enterprises, agricultural enterprises and organizations for the the purpose of exploitation based on leasing contracts. The conditions of leasing requires from farmers to repay the lease amount stipulated in the leasing contract and based on this, the machinery will eventually will become a private property;

– Creation of Machine and Technological Stations (MTS) and other technical services related to leasing and services to the population regardless of ownership.

The Director RSUE “Tajikagroleasing” is Mr. Akramzoda Yusuf Akram. He was born in 1959 and appointed to this position by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan on April 29, 2015 under #245. Mr. Akramzoda has higher agricultural (agronomic) education with 31 years of working experience and he used to be the First Deputy Chairman of Local Executive Government in Dangara District of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Deputy Director – Muminov Batir Nabievich. Mr. Muminov was born in 1960, has higher technical education, graduated from Tajik Agricultural Institute and has 28 years of working experience. Previously, he was Deputy Chairman of SUE “Madad”. In 1996, Mr. Muminov took enhancement qualification training course on his specialty in Agricultural Institute of Thailand. In 2012, he also participated in international conference on leasing in Moscow and in 2014 was a participant of an intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation between Tajikistan and Belarus.

Deputy Director – Urozov Avliequl Abdulloevich. Mr. Urozov is the Head of Department on Finance, Accounting and Development of Contracts.  He was born in 1958 and has PHD in economics (PhD thesis: “Problems of Sustainable Development of Agriculture in the Republic of Tajikistan”).  Mr. Urozov has 34 years of working experience and was the Chairman (former collective farm) of Dekhkan (individual) Farm “Moscow” in Vose district of Khatlon region.

According to staff list, in total 30 employees and 5 contracted staff work in the central apparatus of the enterprise. In addition, the branches of the enterprise include: 10 full-time employees; 4 contracted staff; 36 heads of technical service centers; and 181 contracted machine operators.  The enterprise employs 263 people in total, including contracted workers.

The qualification level of the employees of the enterprise include 19 engineers with higher education, more than 16 people with higher economic education and more than 25 people with secondary technical education.

During a short period of time, 44 Technical Service Centers have been created in the regions of the republic, including 18 in Khatlon region, 8 in Sughd region, 8 in GBAO and 10 in Districts of Republican Subordination.

These TSCs provide services to dehkhan farms on production of agricultural products. Substantial contributions in creating TSCs have been done by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan. Based on the Decree of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, 130 units of tractors and 130 units of equipment with the amount of 10.9 million Somoni have been donated. The established TSCs have agricultural machinery and equipment which amount equals to 22.8 million Somoni (4.7 million USD), and currently they provide services on cultivation and harvesting which amounts to 7 million Somoni (1.2 million USD).

Active works have been underway on leasing operations to provide farmers and all agricultural producers with necessary technical resources regardless of their form of ownership. Leasing contracts have been concluded with 886 (dekhkan) farms in the amount of 90.3 million Somoni, including 705 tractors with leasing period from 3 to 4 years, 25 combines with leasing period of 5 years, and 570 agricultural equipment with leasing period from 1.5 to 2 years.

During the period of its activity, the enterprise has concluded more than 200 contracts with suppliers for provision of agricultural machinery and equipment. 849 multipurpose tractors, 27 combine harvesters, and 1303 various agricultural equipment have been purchased, which total sums amount to 104.9 million Somoni (13.4 million USD).

Currently, there are more than 100 thousand dekhan farms in the republic, which need agricultural machinery and equipment. The demand for agricultural machinery and equipment in the country equals to 4.6 billion Somoni or 731 million USD. For instance, according to the established norms of the Republic of Tajikistan, there is a shortage of multipurpose and plough tractors by 18331 units and combine harvesters by 1773 units, ect. (list is attached).

For the purpose of meeting the demand of these dehkhan farms, RSUE “Tajikagroleasing” has fruitfully been working on all directions, including attracting credits and grants.

The enterprise requested two times (in 2012 and 2012) the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to provide 4 million USD in the form grant to the poor dehkan (farmer) farms. The projects were approved by the Government of Japan, and 161 universal tractors, 23 combine harvesters and 161 plough tractors have been purchased on this sum (4 million USD). These machinery has been allocated to 184 dehkhan farms based on leasing contracts and concessional term (50% payment of value).

In 2015, “Tajikagroleasing” submitted the project to Kuwait Fund for Economic Development, which budget makes up 23 million USD,  and this amount was approved and allocated by Kuwait in 2016. The project stipulates creation of Technical Service Centers (TSC) and Machine and Tractor Fleets in agricultural regions of the republic. These centers will be equipped with modern agricultural machinery and equipment, as well as with garage equipment for conducting current and capital repairs of agricultural machinery and equipment and restoration of components and assemblies of tractor and harvesting agricultural machinery. Except this, the existing Machine and Tractor Fleets will be provided with modern machinery and equipment based on leasing contracts.

The accounting system of the enterprise is regulated by the Law “On Accounting” dated 2011. The enterprise plans to create automated accounting system for improving the quality and transparency of accounting.

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